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Running for office is a natural progression for Alexandra Coe's 20 years working with many organizations in the Sarasota community. Alexandra's involvement includes mentoring youth,  participating in civic focus groups, working with many not-for-profits, helping veterans, being a community advocate, and more. She is chair of the local affiliate for the Republican Liberty Caucus, member of the Republican Executive Committee, vice chair for the Suncoast Commission on the Status of Women, and former executive director of The Art of Being a Woman, nutrition-based personal development company for young women she developed and facilitated from 1996-2007. She is a former board member of Control Growth Now and recently appointed to the Sarasota County Historic Preservation Advisory Board.

Alexandra Coe has a passion for solving problems with innovation and action. She started a charter school with a focus on preserving Florida's pioneer culture and agriculture, lobbied in congress for H.R. 808 Department of Peace and Nonviolence Act, and the Youth Promise Act, guided international policy on women’s rights to technology in developing countries working with international NGOs, researched and documented Sarasota's cattle ranching community and works in land policy and food system development.

She has been an advocate for preserving the rural east Sarasota county landscape and she has a strong passion for conservation and environmental stewardship. Alexandra's knows that our 'Ecology is our Economy' and we need to protect these economic resources to maintain and increase tourism. She has an understanding of Southwest Florida environmental system, and extensive historical understanding of land use as well as a hard science background, which is needed in government. 

Alexandra Coe is a graduate of New College of Florida with a dual Bachelor of Science degree in botany and anthropology.  Alexandra is also a graduate of Goucher College with a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management and Cultural Sustainability. Her masters thesis was on Sarasota rural development and the economic importance of Sarasota's environmental systems

Alexandra is currently the owner of GentleStorm Productions, a cause marketing, branding, video and consulting enterprise. Always an entrepreneur, she is the corporate botanist for REVO , a botanical pain relief balm that she helped to develop and brand. Her marketing company CrinumMarketing, named after the scientific name of her favorite flower, currently manages the social media and marketing for health and medical products.   

Alexandra operates a small farm and coop, @swampcastlefarm where she mentors backyard chicken keepers. Just last month she launched a youtube channel featuring videos from her “So, you think you want to raise chickens” workshops.  Alexandra is also a professional talent and member of the Screen Actor Guild since 1987.

Alexandra grew up in Ohio and moved to Florida in 1984. Alexandra moved to Sarasota in 1995 to raise her family. She has two grown sons.


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Maximum limits per Sarasota County Charter is $200 per person or entity.

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